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Referred by trusted builders and architects for our longstanding success, Spectrum Interior Design is your premier resource for designing residences in the Bay Area and nationwide. We bridge innovation with seamless execution, collaborating across teams and leveraging our full spectrum of design expertise to craft homes that enrich your lifestyle.

Our Founder

Meet Amy Fischer

Founder, Creative Director

With over 27 years of expertise in high-end residential new construction, Amy Fischer leads our luxury estate design development with an unwavering commitment to making your journey enjoyable. Placing your vision at the forefront, Amy collaborates seamlessly with architectural, landscape, new construction, and interior design teams to meticulously shape every detail of your estate. Born, raised, and professionally honed in Silicon Valley, Amy’s methodical and organized approach ensures a smooth process, prioritizing your experience to minimize decision fatigue. She combines her innate warmth with driven technical precision to create the most thoughtful estates. Career highlights from her 15-year tenure designing homes for an esteemed luxury home builder include an impressive track record of preselling speculative estates over 12,000 square feet before market release, underscoring her commitment to excellence in comprehensive project management and design.


Your Experience

Your Boutique Experience

We deeply value the importance of feeling heard and are honored to be your trusted partner. Amy Fischer’s personalized approach ensures a boutique experience where your vision remains paramount and you feel valued throughout your estate development. We go beyond interior design; it’s about nurturing deep client relationships, creating an enjoyable journey, and celebrating the essence of everyday living. This commitment culminates in a beautifully realized project that reflects your unique vision and lifestyle.

Our Team

Our Dedicated Team

Led by Creative Director Amy Fischer, our synergized and talented team boasts expertise in interior architecture, new construction, project management, bespoke furnishings, turnkey installations, seasonal decor and home organization. From skilled designers and interior architects to specification experts and procurement specialists, we are united by our commitment to attentive listening, meticulous attention to detail, and a passion for organizational excellence. We take pride in orchestrating every aspect of your home, ensuring our true dedication to bringing your vision to life.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We specialize in crafting exquisite estates that embody timeless elegance and a resort-inspired lifestyle. Our philosophy imbues calm tranquility, balanced organization, and classic scale. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the California lifestyle, our holistic approach invites the outdoors in, celebrating natural light and infusing subtle textures and harmonious color palettes to complement stunning vistas. Each home is hand-curated with care to reflect your unique personality and aspirations.


“I cannot say enough good things about Amy and her team. They have helped us create a dream home that would not have been possible without them. They are creative, practical, and have an amazing sense of design and style. They listen and understand what you are looking for, even when you can’t articulate it yourself. Their contributions to the project have been everywhere and have made our home beautiful. From catching architectural problems during initial construction that could have become bigger problems later, to designing beautiful cabinetry, to helping to spot when a sub is struggling, to selecting beautiful materials that we could have never found, let alone envisioned, to keeping an eye on every last little detail and helping us understand the process of building a home. Quite honestly, we don’t know how you can build a house without Amy. My advice to anyone building a custom home is to make sure you have Spectrum as part of your team on day one. They are indispensable for a successful project. They will help remove much of the stress of building a home from you so you can have fun creating your dream home. Amy and Spectrum Interior Design are amazing.”

Homeowner in Los Altos Hills, California

Enjoy a home that genuinely reflects you.

Enjoy a home
that genuinely
reflects you.

Spectrum Interior Design